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Maffei Medical

Therapies and Treatments


Correction of tooth position and disorders affecting the masticatory system and the jaw bone joint.

Hygiene and Prevention

Periodic check-ups to prevent and manage dental diseases and reduce significantly the onset of tooth decay.

Conservative Dentistry

Preservation and restoration of teeth and optimisation of tooth aesthetics and resistance.


Replacement of one or more teeth through osseointegrated implants and artificial tooth roots to which prosthetic crowns are attached.

3D Panorex

360° high-definition x-ray examinations to clearly and precisely identify any dental anomalies.


Diagnosis and therapy of diseases affecting the tooth support system: bone, periodontal ligament and gum.

Conscious Sedation

Reduction of tooth pain sensitivity and fear of dentists with inhaled nitrous oxide and oxygen.


Analysis of the stomatognathic system and occlusal anatomy, the neuromuscular system and the temporomandibular joint.


Solutions to replace missing tooth parts, to protect devitalized teeth and to improve aesthetics.

Bone Regeneration

Bones are not always enough to support an implant and regeneration can increase bone and gum density, where necessary.

Oral Surgery

Complicated tooth extractions, removal of granulomas or cysts and surgery to treat diseases affecting the tooth supporting tissues.


Treatment to pulp chamber and root canals containing the tooth nerve with the aim of maintaining the tooth's function.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Solutions to improve the aesthetics of the smile by using cutting-edge materials and state-of-the-art techniques.

Paediatric Dentistry

This is what we have always loved doing! Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of children's dental diseases.

Dental Traumatology

Traumas can cause dental fractures or injuries to tooth supporting tissues that must be restored with appropriate techniques.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy allows to treat quickly and painlessly all teeth to overcome the fear of dentists.